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Anonymous asked: no, caw caw motherfuckers did come from someone in the avengers fandom, fucking homsetucks are just trying to steal our jokes again






such marvel.

so avengers.


Just in case there is still some doubt here:




36,071 notes Posted February-18-2014 ally d o you really thin k that line is an origina l phrase either way w h y why the fuck do you even ca re who came up with it i know it was a thing back w it h sass ycreed at least two years ago s o it 's nothing new f or fuck s sake wheeze w hy do you even care who ca me up with it it's not intellectua l property it's not a fucking trademarked j oke

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howl's moving castle ....o h i w as meant to draw incendium and calcifer o nce upon a time whee z es t ha t was so lon g ago geez woops ne vermind i guess that was wh a t year 1 0??? shit
I’d love a Tumblr best friend. Just, without the “hey whats up, where are you from, how old are you” non-sense, just like automatically be best friends and tell each other everything and anything. Except, I’m so bad at replying, like wow.
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it's not eve n just tumblr i'm sorry i 'm just a shitty ass friend seriously i dunno w hy anyone even stays around but yeah ....especially jamie i'm soR RY JAMIE I'M TRASH I SAID I'D COME ON MORE AND I HAVEN'T SINCE it's not deliberate i swe ar i'm j ust a lazy piece of sh it


I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

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woO PS it's me yeah.. i 'm cling y and possessive and du mb and i want peo ple to be possess ive of me but the n it's like no don 't do that unless yo u fit this specific criteria


april fools day is the perfect day to confess your undying love for someone if they dont feel the same you can just yell “trolled u” and run away whooping and hollering so no one can see the gentle tears on your face 

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no no onon n ooo noooo do not do th is! tha t's actually a really bad thing to d o okay just trust me on thi s one it's a really shitt y thing to do whether the y feel the same or not because do you know how many people fucking do this just to spite people jus t don't okay please fucking please don't do that it's shitty and it makes the oth er person fe el shitty too because did you ever co nsider that they mi ght say no because they think you're fucking joking because it's fucking april fools don't do it

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ah hhhh 999 pssst ni cky do you wanna play this i have this ye



psychopathicdemon replied to your post: guys tell me to draw something

oh my god is it gonna be this again pfft— uh draw vai? i dunno pff


…is he playing hide and seek with frankie omfg

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that's so prECIOUS

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l4d ...i'm game i wanna try holy shit i count about 18 witches there? give or take? andddd if i need a max of five shots to make sure i kill a witch if i had an autoshotty just run in kill one and pray the spray doesn't clip any of the others so you'd have to get really close then gap it back out of there as fast as possible wait for the rest to calm down and repeat so if i use two shots per witch man reeeeally wanna try this ahhh seeing as i fucking chase them down now i am the king of the witch killers



Bratja from Fullmetal Alchemist. 

Wow, I watched this series like 3 times and it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed this beautiful song is sung in Russian…

Auch, this song hurts actually. If anyone’s curious I can do the rough translation (since some parts are hard for me to translate, agh) but it’s actually exactly the song about Elrics.

The first part is kind of Ed’s POV:

Прости меня, младший брат, я так пред тобой виноват 

(I’m sorry, little brother, I am before you to blame)

Пытаться вернуть нельзя того, что взяла земля

(There’s no bringing back something that is already taken by the earth)

Кто знает закон бытия, помог бы и мне найти ответ

(who knows the law of life would help me to find the answer)

Жестоко ошибся я, от смерти лекарства нет.

(I was awfuly mistaken, there’s no cure from death)

Chorus:  (still more from Ed’s pov)

Милая мама, нежная, мы так любили тебя 

(sweet mother, tender, we loved you so much)

Но все наши силы потрачены были зря.

(but all our efforts were for nothing)

Тебя соблазнил я прекрасной надеждой

(I tempted you with a beautiful hope)

Вернуть наш семейный очаг,

(to bring back our family hearth)

Мой брат, я во всем виноват.

(My brother, it’s all my fault (I am the one to blame))

Now it’s sung from Al’s POV:

Не плачь, не печалься, старший брат, не ты один виноват.

(don’t cry, don’t be sad, older brother, it’s not your only fault)

Дорога у нас одна, искупили ее года 

(not completely sure about this because I have troubles hearing the second part, but something like We share a road and it was redeemed by years)

Мне не в чем тебя упрекнуть, и я не обижен ничуть

(I have nothing to reproach you for, I don’t hold grievances not one bit)

Тяжек наш грех хотеть быть сильнее всех.

(Heavy is our sin to want to be stronger than anyone)

dah, this part loses it’s meaning a little, but I can’t do it better:C

Chorus again, but a little different this time (because it’s still from Al’s pov)

Милая мама, нежная, мы так любили тебя 

(sweet mother, tender, we loved you so much)

Но все наши силы потрачены были зря.

(but all our efforts were for nothing)

Я сам соблазнился прекрасной надеждой 

(I was tempted with a beautiful hope)

Вернуть наш семейный очаг.

(to bring back our family hearth)

Я сам во всем виноват.

(it’s all my fault)

From both of them:

Но что же нам сделать, забыв?

(But what would we do if we forget?)

И все исправить, забыв?

(To fix it all, if we forget?)

Пытаться вернуть нельзя того, что взяла земля…

(There’s no bringing back something that is already taken by the earth)

It’s very rough, but either way, I hope someone finds it useful!

I am very sad now, though..

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heyyy music fma o h o h ahh i alway s loved thi s song i did n't kno w that was russi an the n agai n i didn't really ca re whee zes ...i did n 't like it wh en they cha nged thi s song ...ah it 's neat see ing the tr ansla ted lyrics tho ugh o ver the actual e nglish ones
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eyyy i did i t there you g o jamie ...i 'm always really laz y with these things oops